Rowner Junior self-evaluates as a ‘good’ school and is working hard to be even better. To help us achieve this, we have a GFM Schooling Strategy Document to drive our school improvement. Additionally, each Subject Leader has an Action Plan outlining management and leadership tasks to ensure development in their subject and the delivery and attainment of good standards. School Improvement is monitored by the School Leadership Team, GFM Director of Schooling and GFM Cell Leaders – we all work collectively to ensure our reach is broad and focussed upon the Gosport learner.  

Holistic Objectives our school:

Enable curriculum opportunities in which pupils learn about and value our pluralist society in order that they are open-minded and respect and accept difference.
Work with partner primary schools in the local area on the promotion of supporting and educating the whole-child. Additionally, support all stakeholders, in the Primary Phase, in the character education agenda.
Embed Gosport Futures (GF) within the curriculum and use Engineering Habits of Mind (EHoM) to drive effective learning.
Provide pupils with a broad curriculum which enables them to progress well from their starting points, in all year groups.